Taking a Brief Look at the Work of Carlos Ghosn

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When Carlos Ghosn becoming the new CEO, the managers and employees was not happy about it because they don't know what is his intentions. He whom was known as the “Le Cost Killer” did not even blink an eye when changing the current organizational culture and the internal processes of Nissan. The main reason of the resistance in Nissan was because of Ghosn's Brazilian ethnicity and also his Lebanese heritage and the difference in culture way of approaching the problems are really different from the people of Japan. Everyone knows that the Japanese management culture is the masculine(manly) type with large power distance and that the Japanese people are really obedient towards the higher ups (Hofstede). Carlos whom previously had shown a proactive management type of style at Renault where he managed to improve the cost-efficiencies and because of his good management record, he was being headhunted to become the CEO of Nissan. In a country like Japan, one usually assume that the new CEO should be someone who knows the local culture and customs of Japan but in this case however Carlos was probably aware of the fact that regardless of his shortage of knowledge about the culture itself, he had an advantage for having worked on four different countries with different cultures and was able to overcome the cultural differences. Back in 1991, Nissan was capable of producing good quality cars but the company itself had ignored the customers’ needs of “stylish and innovative cars”.

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