Taking a Closer Look at Atrazine

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Part one: My group did Atrazine and I came to quickly discover that it wasn’t just an herbicide farmer’s used. There was so much more to the story and it was more than a controversial topic, it involved a major feud between two sides. The company Syngenta, who primarily produces atrazine, and a now well-known scientist, Dr. Hayes. With Syngenta being the primary producer of the product it’s a no brainer that they would suffer if it were to be taken off the market. Dr. Hayes has published research of his own that shows that if the chemical gets into our drinking water it can have negative affects on amphibians. There are also speculations that it might affect humans as well. Dr. Hayes actually did research for the company on the product, but when they wouldn’t let him produce what he found he cut ties with the company and had others help in publish what he had found. This spiked the feud, or what I like to call war, between the two. For the presentation we had to remain neutral and leave out our opinions and I found this hard to do because I was so strongly against the usage of the product from doing research. In this paper I will go into detail about my stance on the topic, why I have taken this side, and why this is such a controversy. First, after doing research on the topic, learning the background of atrazine and reading about all the different experiments done on the product, I have taken the side of being against the use. I didn’t grow up on a farm and my family

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