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Quebec, or Québec in French, is a province in east-central Canada. It is the largest province in area. It has a predominantly French speaking population and is the only province to have an official provincial language of French. The capital or Quebec is Quebec City. The population of Quebec is 8.081 million. Quebec has three natural regions: the Canadian Shield, the St. Lawrence Lowlands, and the Appalachians. The Canadian Shield is also called the Precambrian Shield or the Laurentian Plateau. It is a big block of ancient crystalline rock. There is an abundance of glacial debris and exposed rock. The Canadian Shield has a harsh environment and a varying terrain. The St. Lawrence Lowlands, or Valley, lies along the St. Lawrence River…show more content…
One of the monuments is the Champlain monument which pays tribute to Samuel de Champlain who founded Quebec City. Another monument is the Churchill and Roosevelt Monument which commemorates the visit of the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II. A third monument is the Charles de Gaulle Statue, which is a statue of the French President Charles de Gaulle who helped develop relations between his country and Quebec. The government of Quebec is divided into what is called the Government and Parliament. The Government represents the executive power and Parliament represents the legislative power. It is a unicameral legislature. Parliament is made up of the National Assembly and the Lieutenant Governor. The Lieutenant Governor is appointed by the federal government of Canada and acts as the Queen’s representative in each of the provinces. The National Assembly is made up of 125 elected members representing the 25 electoral divisions. The Government is composed of elected representatives of the party that holds the most seats in the National Assembly. The purpose of the Government is to provide political management for Quebec. Most bills are drafted in the Government and Parliament examines proposed bills. Quebec also has a Prime Minister designated by the Lieutenant Governor. Because of the Canadian Shield, mining and oil and gas extraction are two of the fastest growing industries. Many natural
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