Taking a Closer Look at an Ozone Molecule

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INTRODUCTION An ozone molecule contains three of oxygen atoms (O3) which included the molecular oxygen (O2) that is important in our life in order to survive. Ozone is also the form of UV rays (sun) from the upper parts of atmosphere which is called stratosphere. Another name for stratosphere is protective ozone layer because it can help to protect human from the harmful effect of the ultra-violet radiation (UV ray) by absorbing it. But the lower part of atmosphere which name troposphere, can easily causes harmful or damage to a lung tissues of human and also the leaves tissue of plants because of the strong oxidizing agent. However when sunny or warm days, an ozone that formed by nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the lower parts of atmosphere will…show more content…
The symptoms of fleck is then merge to form more larger and from bleached white to yellowish color on leaves surface (dead areas). It normally will first affect the mature leaves which is nearly, then proceed to a younger and older leaves. This is because the most sensitive plants to ozone are young plants compared to mature plants which are more relatively resistant to ozone. However, the plants tissue that is already infected by certain fungi (Botrytis) will also killed by ozone. Causes of ozone in a pumpkin leaf Source from: http://www.ars.usda.gov/images/docs/12462_12656/OzonePumpkinLeaf.JPG Besides that in sensitive species of plant, ozone can causes a loss of premature leaves, decreasing of the process photosynthesis, leaf, root and a total of dry weight. And with the absence of vice versa and injury of foliar can causes the changes of physiological. There are many factor that can ameliorate (improve) or magnify the injury of ozone at different places and times. Example is soil moisture, insects or diseases, other presence of air pollutants and also environmental stresses. SENSITIVITY Injury patterns will occur when the sensitive plants exposure to ozone than 4 hours with levels from 0.04 to 1.0 ppm. Difference for the same plant that infected ozone are totally differs, for example of plant are, bean, grape, oat, onion, potato

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