Taking a Closer Look at the Communication Process

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Interaction play an important role in continuing our everyday lives with another people. Communication is exchanged of ideas or information. Communication is the process of spread out the information and the similar of understanding from one individual to another individual or group (Luneberg, 2010). As stated by Luneberg (2010), there are six importance steps in communication process namely send, encode, transmit message, channel, decoding and lastly receive (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1). Firstly, person sends the message or information. The person who send the message or information are known as sender. Sender often to refer as someone who play a significance role on giving the message or information to other people. During this…show more content…
For an example of communications are in person conversation, phone, email, instant message or written report (Lunenburg, 2010). In Lasswell’s model, it asked a question “In which channel? Intellectual see how the methods or ways of information transmitted within the data analysis. Research by look at the radio, press, film or other channel.” (Wallace & Roberson, 2009, p. 37). According to Wallace and Roberson (2009), “mathematical model are the channel is a medium to transmit a signal and information that consists of a message” (p. 38). The fifth step in communication process is receive. Person who receives the message or information is known as receivers. Besides that, the receivers are individuals to whom the message is going to send out over again. It shown how this person understand the message depend on a number of factors, which include the following. Thus, “the receivers are not grateful to admit messages as sent but can and do refuse to accept ideological influence by applying alternative or oppositional readings, based to their own understanding and viewpoint” (McQuail, 1994, p. 53). How much the individuals know about the topic, their acceptance to the message. According to Sanchez (n.d), during this process there are “relay and trust” that exists between sender and receiver. In a words receiver job is to interpret and also responsible for provides feedback to the sender. “An interpretations
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