Taking a Community Sociological Inventory Essay

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Taking a Community Sociological Inventory
Pinkey Oliver
Northcentral University

Trends and Current Conditions
The Dearborn community has experienced a transformation in population of the last ten years. This transformation can be due to a number of issues, but it begins with the surrounding cities not just the city of Dearborn. Examining the current trends and conditions of the Dearborn community, it is important to focus on the population and how it is broken down. There are 96,474 people that live in Dearborn, MI and 89.1% are white. Arab Americans fall under white Americans which are not stated on any census. It is very difficult analyze sociological demographics when it is not
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The question that arises is how we can make Dearborn more desirable that would attract individuals who have a bachelor degree or better to want to live in Dearborn, and have their children attend school in Dearborn.
To attract individuals to the city of Dearborn, there has to be a better understanding of the true ethnic composition of the city and also job opportunities that are available. U.S. census lacks diversity in the white alone category. Arab Americans has to represent a large portion of the white alone population. It is imperative to know the portion of Arab Americans when trying to implement change. As it states now, white individuals represent 89.1% of the Dearborn population. It is imperative to know how much of the 89.1% represents the 29% that have a bachelor degree or better. The importance of knowing the correlation of the population and the educational level is to help understand the income level. Understanding why the income median is $46,972 will have a correlation to job opportunities in the city. Looking at the correlation opens up the doors to households and persons in households.
The socioeconomic status of an individual’s parents has always been one of the clear-cut forecasters of the individual’s academic success and educational accomplishment. The correlation between family socioeconomic uniqueness and student accomplishment is one of the most forceful patterns in educational scholarship; however the reasons and means

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