Taking a Look Distracted Driving

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Of course there are many other reasons why drivers get into accidents, but it is mainly because they get distracted. Police in El Cerrito, California even gave more than 600 citations in April to drivers for distracted driving violations (“El Cerrito”).Also,“nearly 6,000 people were killed and a half-million injured last year in the U.S. due to drivers being distracted”(“Distracted”).Distracted driving today causes many accidents through the use of technology, eating and drinking, and children in the backseat. The top cause of car accidents currently is because of technology. Cellphones are the main technology that distracts drivers. Drivers usually have the tendency to want to answer a call or look down at the phone to read a text message and it is of constant habit, but in those tiny seconds an accident is bound to occur. According to the survey of 800 teenagers the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project conducted 34% of teen texters ages 16-17 said they have texted while driving (Kiesbye 11). This means a lot of teenagers now are constantly texting while driving and it is safe to say it is not good thing. “Nearly 28 percent of all vehicle crashes can be tied to talking on a cell phone or texting, according to the National Safety Council” (Jackson). A GPS can cause a very big distraction, especially going to a place you have never been to, where you have the tendency…
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