Taking a Look a the Schminke Haus

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He commissioned architect Hans Scharoun to design a house for him, his wife and four children as well as the occasional guest or two. The site was quite generous and lay on a downhill slope within walking distance of Schminkes factory. Scharoun designed the house to meet the need of Schminke in addition to complementing the natural surrounding environment. The house is placed on the north-west corner of the site, with the main body angled south so it lies diagonally facing the garden and noodle factory. This leaves a lot of open space in the back providing the residents a pleasant view with the house remaining private. The house occupies approximately two thirds of the site, and with the back façade towards the street it is not inviting towards pedestrians. The main entrance is on the first floor and is not welcoming as the view is blocked by the exterior stairs. Cars are able to drive under the building, drop off their passengers and circle around the garden space before returning to the road. Once you arrive at the entrance you have the option of taking exterior stairs to the second floor and access to the first floor terrace or the houses public areas. The house is made of reinforced concrete with a iron frame for structural support; the facades are lined with glass windows and iron handrails for the staircases, both interior and exterior. Looking at Schminke…

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