Taking a Look at AWS Cloud Services

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AWS provides encryption for the login information of the users. The encryption is provided through Key-Pair. The Public key, Private Key together form a key pair. The public key would be used for encryption (passwords) and the private key would be used for decrypting the data.
The creation of Key Pair is well explained in the launching of EC2 instance (Amazon, n.d.)
3.6 AWS services:-

AWS offers lot of cloud services for the developers based on their need right from virtual servers to the Mongo DB databases. All the services offered by the AWS are accessible even in the mobile devices with the help of android and ios console apps.
The following are all the services that are offered by the AWS.

Figure 6: AWS services

From the available services, the most central and well-known services are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. Cloud community uses S3 and EC2, to store the documents and host the servers that are required.
3.6.1 Amazon S3:
Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is one of the storage and content delivery system offered by the AWS. (Amazon,, 2014)
AWS can be used to store, retrieve large amount of data at any given time, anywhere from the cloud.
Amazon S3 features:
• Store objects up to 5TB in size.
• Read and write entire objects.
• Every object has unique developer assigned key
• Collect object into buckets.
• Every object has unique URL.
• Full Control of access rights.
• Eventual consistency data model.

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