Taking a Look at Accounting

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Accounting Have you ever wondered who files out your financial statements? Ever thought about wanting to be the one to figure out someone’s financial statements? Well I have chosen to do research about accounting. Accounting is a very well paid career with little schooling required. More than 90 percent of the time you are working in a comfortable environment. Accounting jobs are also available almost anywhere you live or want to work. Work environment for accounting is very comfortable. You will always have access to an air conditioner, always have a comfortable chair to sit in, and you will always have a desk to sit at. However, that chair could get a little uncomfortable after working very long days. Accountants typically only work forty hours per week (Career Explorer, 2012). In public accounting, you usually work 45 hours a week (Career Explorer, 2012). Although, during the 3 month “busy” season, your hours can be bumped up from 45 hours a week to 55 to 80 hours a week (Career Explorer, 2012). Sometimes, you might not even get a lunch break for that day. You can take one if you would like but accounting is a fast paced and time sensitive occupation and things need to be done by a certain deadline (Career Explorer, 2012). In accounting, you need to have good social skills because one person cannot know everything about a case or situation, so he/she may need assistance to complete a task (Career Explorer, 2012). As far as supervision goes, there are people that are
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