Taking a Look at All The Time Gym

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With plenty of lockers a few of which are vacant for permanent hire, hairdryers and ironing stations, you’ll have the benefit of your time at the All the time gym.
Our large, air-conditioned gym is entirely equipped with the most modern equipment. Now three one-to-one sessions with our Personal Trainers will supply you with all the support you need to accomplish your main goal.

Cardio Theatre
Whether you take pleasure in watching music videos, the latest sporting or the news event, TV channels and the 16 music on our cardio theatre will entertain you while exercising.

Weights Area
Our extensive selection of free weights and the newest stationary machines means you'll be completely equipped to work out and toughen and condition your arms, chest, back, legs and abs.

Spinning Room
Spinning is a enjoyable and stimulating bike-based aerobic exercises ideal for all fitness levels.

Group work outs is great fun and the best way to stay motivated. Check our club's remarkable schedule for a feast of studio classes including step, aerobics, yoga and loads more.

Lounge Area
Before or after your exercises, the lounge area is the ideal place to relax, take a drink and unwind with friends or with other members.

Enjoy a calming swim or refresh yourself with an aqua aerobics session in the pools at our…
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