Taking a Look at Alzheimer's Disease

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It’s a type of disease that causes many problems with memory, thinking and behavior. It gets worse over time and continues to progress for the rest of a person's life. It is important to recognize the symptoms of Alzheimer's. The connection between brain cells and the brain cells themselves generate and die causing a steady loss in memory and mental function. African Americans in the United States of America have higher rates of vascular disease and also may be at greater risk for Alzheimer’s. If someone in your immediately family has it, it’s more than likely you decrease their disease. Alzheimer's such as a memory loss may be mild. Symptoms develop slowly and get worse over time, becoming severe enough to interfere with someone’s daily tasks. Alzheimer's disease is a very serious diagnosis. Working closely with your health care team to find the best strategies to manage all of your symptoms can help make life better. Alzheimer's drugs offer strategy to help manage memory loss, thinking and reasoning, and also day-to-day function. Unfortunately, its drugs don't work for everyone, and they can't cure the disease or stop its progression overtime, their effects wear off.
Researchers are into more-effective Alzheimer's drugs and it’s still ongoing. But even if researchers discover better or more drugs, it will always be important to build a health care team that will…
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