Taking a Look at Ancient Empires

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Ancient Empires such as Gupta, Rome, Maya, and Rome were some important empires.They all have Pros/Cons in their Empire. No empire was perfect, each empire had its own ups and downs. The Romans had a strong military that gained lots of new land compared to the Mayans who did not have a strong military because their military did not help gain lots of land and didn’t really defend their land well like the Romans did. Rome had better beliefs and religion such as Roman mythology which had stronger beliefs compared to hinduism in Gupta. Even though, Maya enjoyed good trade such as animal skin, and jade, Romans still had better architecture which was more helpful. Rome has better characteristics compared to the other empires which makes it the most successful.

When the idea comes to military, it is important that the military is strong so it can help protect land/people and help the empire in gaining new land. Mayans didn’t have a good military compared to the military the Romans had. Furthermore, the Roman’s military was strong because they conquered lots of land in places like Italy, Malta, Spain, Portugal, and etc with strong military tactics compared to the Mayan’s military which didn’t help in gaining lots of new land. Weapons like shield, sandal, gladius, other weapons and smart strategies like the orb helped Romans in achieving lots of new land. For example, The orb was a defensive position which helped in the defense of the Romans. People can refute saying that Rome had
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