Taking a Look at Animal Rights

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Animal Rights Everyday animals are kept captive in small cages, treated poorly, and experimented on all for the benefit of humans. At the same time, billions of animals are killed each year for food, again for the advantage of humans. Animal testing can be an effective tool for biomedicine research, but many of these animals are experimented on to test everyday household products like cosmetics and cleaning supplies. Animals are not capable of speaking for themselves and for researchers to benefit from that is inhuman and wrong. Hundreds of millions of animals including primates, rats, rabbits, and even animals we keep as pets like cats and dogs suffer each year due to testing (Clemmitt). It is not right for us to abuse, experiment on, eat, or wear animals in any way. It is morally wrong to experiment on animals in order to produce safe consumer products and further advance biomedical research because it is damaging to them, can be ineffective in some situations, and there are many alternative solutions to test these products. Animal experimentation commonly consists of the animal being injured and in some cases killed. Many of the tests conducted can cause extreme pain and permanent damage to the animal. For example, the eye irritancy commonly tested on rabbits can cause bleeding, redness, and in some extreme cases loss of eye sight. This test is used to test the effects of some cosmetic and cleaning products if it gets in the eye. The acute toxicity test commonly
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