Taking a Look at Arkadin's E-Learning

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Arkadin, a company rapidly growing with the rising popularity of audio and web-conferencing, decided to implement an e-learning program to facilitate standard training for their new employees. Arkadin realized that learning is vital to an organization’s ability to maintain intellectual capital and that e-learning was the only way to ensure the uniformity of learning throughout all offices. Arkadin fits the profile of a company that would benefit from e-learning because of their size. With offices in 22 countries and over 500 employees, it would be extremely challenging to standardize their training process because they are such a dispersed company. Their workforce also speaks 12 different languages, so it would be difficult to find a single training team that would be able to teach in such a diverse amount of dialects. E-learning programs, like the one provided by CrossKnowledge, can be easily translated into many different languages to accommodate language barriers. In addition, Arkadin has the majority of their employees working in the customer service side of business, which means that they need periodic refreshments in specific fields to respond to customer inquiries. Without an e-learning program, these employees would have to find their superior and physically ask them to solve the customer’s problem. Now, with their e-learning program’s learning objectives, employees can simply select the individual section of their program to get a brief refresher in the

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