Taking a Look at Asian Women Stereotypes

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Explicit yellowface is that it creates power imbalance between white and Asian/Americans. That it is okay for racial masquerading and playing yellowface, as well as adopting characteristics and behaviors.
2. Implicit yellowface is that only Asians are type cast for these roles and unfortunately, someone has to play the role and most the time it is the Asian actor. This assumption states that Asians/Americans are interchangeable all Asians are the same.

1. By regulating Camptowns by the US military and by Korea (Yuh 18), women were tested for STI’s twice a week (Yuh 24). The US military police created this system where if women tested positive they were not informed nor were they informed on who gave them the infection (Yuh 29). These women were harassed by both sides American and Korea for proof that they were tested (Yuh 29).
2. Another example is the US soldiers viewed these women as entertainers. “In Vietnam, an installation of prostitution servicing four thousand US soldiers was specially created by and for the benefits of the US soldiers (Yuh 16). The bases will make/have Camptowns, bars, and parlors near so it is easier for GIs' to go there. Therefore, it creates and feeds the culture of the sex industry and slavery.

GI’s have this pre-misconception of Korean women and Asian women. They believed these women enjoyed their job as much as the money they earned because East Asian women are these hypersexual addicts. In fact, they were seen as exotic however,…

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