Taking a Look at Asthma

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The physical symptoms can range from the occasional cough all the way to life-threatening cases which are not being able to breathe. The seriousness and frequency of asthma symptoms is all dependant on how well the individual can control their Asthma. There are three symptoms of Asthma, the first being airway obstruction. Allergic substances and environmental triggers make a chain of muscle surrounding the airways tighten, and air cannot move freely. So my theory for this type of symptom would be; if a person was running through a park surrounded with many blossoming flowers, they began to sneeze and became short of breath would be because of the pollen floating around in the air. The second symptom is inflammation; with this type people have red swollen bronchial tubes, which are the airways of the lungs. This inflammation is thought to add greatly to the long-term damage Asthma can cause to the lungs. So my understanding for this type would be; a person has had inflammation for years and now has severe damage to his lungs. So therefore, treating this inflammation would be to the key to managing Asthma in the long run. The third symptom is airway irritability; the airways for people with this type are extremely sensitive. The airways tends to overreact and narrow due even the smallest triggers like pollen or animal dander, My theory for this type would be; If a person has got a new with really messy hair that…

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