Taking a Look at Audience Analysis

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In order to derive an effective speech or writing, it is imperative to determine the associated characteristics of an audience. Audience analysis can help you gain valuable insight about your readers, which can help you to choose and develop a relevant, meaningful topic. It can also help you to create a writing plan that is tailored effectively to your reading audience, with appropriate tone, style, language and content.
Generally, audience analysis is the collection and interpretation of audience characteristics through observation, inferences, questionnaires, or interviews. There are three main ways to adapt to audience before starting the communication process (Steven A. and Susan J. Beebe, 1997):
• Demographic analysis
• Disposition analysis
• Knowledge analysis
Demographic analysis: It involves age, gender, culture, ethnicity, race, religion and educational level of the audience. More likely, it gives an idea about:
• Is my audience homogenous or heterogeneous? How are the readers alike or different from one another? Despite the differences, what do readers have in common?
• What range of ages is represented?
• What are my readers’ political and religious affiliations?
• What is my role in relationship to my reading audience?
• Each of these factors affects reader’s…

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