Taking a Look at Behaviourism

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What is Behaviourism: learning is the the acquisition of new behaviour based on environmental conditions linking a new behaviour to the to a stimulus by providing reinforcement after the correct behaviour is produced. Principles -based on the principles of stimulus and response -behaviour is caused by external stimuli which is also called operant conditioning -takes learner as passive recipient -learning is a based on “cause and effect”( Duchenese). -external stimuli creates response from learner which becomes a behaviour with time. Main Proponents: Ivan Petrovich Pavlov,E.L.Thorndike, B.F.Skinner and Watson Examples: The ringing of the school bell stimulates the responses of children as to go back to the class and recess time The teacher can reward a child, who is on toilet training, with a sticker or stamp to reinforce positive behaviour. What is Constructivism: learners construct knowledge for themselves Principles of constructivism: Learning is defined as the acquisition of new information which can be recalled later Role of teacher as a helper to construct knowledge by proving different tools Learner as an active participant rather than passive recipient of knowledge Gives importance to native language as a tool in learning process Learning
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