Taking a Look at Ben and Jerry

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Starting from 1990, there was a trend toward healthy eating and consumers start to shift to the less expensive premium ice-cream segment. Besides the change in eating habit, competition in the ice- cream industry was extremely intense. In order to react with the changing external environments since 1990, Ben & Jerry carried out many strategic plans. However, with the focus on expanding and competing with rivals, the complexity of business has increased significantly and Ben& Jerry started to suffer from internal managing problems in 1994. Organisational design is “the outcome of shaping and aligning all the components towards the achievement of an agreed mission’ (Stanford, 2007) while it can be viewed in the structural and contextual dimensions (Daft, Murphy and Willmott, 2010). The followings will discuss how Ben& Jerry’s organisation design had been changing in the structural dimension and two elements in the contextual dimensions, the strategy and environment, in order to react to external environments and internal managing problems between 1990 and 1995. Also, analysing whether Ben & Jerry performed effectively under the changed organisational design. Organisational Structure Organisational structure implicates a configuration of tasks and activities and includes the ‘framework’ and informal structure dimension (Skivington and Daft, 1991). An organization structure and strategy drives each other (Enrique, Eva M and José F, 2012). Hence, an organization structure is
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