Taking a Look at Blood, Sweat and Tears

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It could almost sound funny, talking about a group that sold close to six million records in three years and then squandered all of that momentum.
They fused a rock & roll rhythm section to a horn section, held out the promise of a jazz-rock fusion that could storm the pop charts. The band was organized in New York in 1967. Al Kooper (born February 5, 1944, NY). He was an ex member of the Blues Project, in need of money and a fresh start in music. Jim Fielder (born October 4, 1947, Denton, TX), late of Buffalo Springfield, on bass, whom Kooper brought in from California, Kooper’s former Blues Project band mate, guitarist Steve Katz (born May 9, 1945, Brooklyn, NY) and drummer Bobby Colomby (born December 20, 1944, New York, NY), Which whom Katz was hanging out and just talking about starting a group. He was only prepared to throw into another band if he were calling the shots.
Kooper had visualized it would have a horn section that would be as out front as Kooper’s keyboards or Katz’z guitar. Colomby brought in alto saxman Fred Libsius(born November 19, 1944, New York, NY), a longtime personal idol, and from there lineup grew, with Randy Brecker(born November 27, 1945, Philadelphia, PA) and Jerry Weiss(born May 1, 1946, New York, NY) joining on trumpets and…
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