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Boys are often raised to have a competitive outlook in life, because it is the norm in society. High school boys aren’t usually interested in reading; they need books more appealing to them such as a book about war. Boys are expected to compete and do their best at sports and extracurricular activities rather than education. Due to the lack of push to compete educationally they more times than not end up being left behind. Boys in high school are less interested in reading because they feel the books they are required to read tend to appeal more to the girly side of things. The textbooks and literature assigned do not reflect the dispositions of the male students. When my brother was in high school he was required to read Romeo and Juliet…show more content…
I believe that people look at the boys being competitive as a bad thing but in reality it is a good thing, it gave my brother motivation to come back stronger, to work harder. He went on to be the #1 quarterback in Europe his senior year and won the European championship. Not only was it a lesson in football for him to work harder and use the pain and anger to motivate him it also helped motivate him to join the military. Although the competition levels are high in sports they are in need of improving when it comes to education. Boys are often told, “He who is not authentic is not good enough, he will not be loved unless he abandons his own desires and picks up a tool of competition. Such as when my other brother the twin of the quarterback, when he went off to BMT (basic military training) he told me that they broke down him down emotionally and then built up as a more mature thinking of others before himself kind of person. Boys exceed in physical and mental competitions but when it comes to the education side of things it’s not always the same. Boys are being left behind when it comes to education. Boys perform lower than girls on most tests of reading and verbal skills and lag in college enrollment. I believe this is because they are consistently encouraged to be competitive in sports and everything else that isn’t educational. They are pushed and pushed to be the best at sports and to win, if you aren’t you are invisible

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