Taking a Look at Brand Positioning

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Philip Kotler stated that Brand Positioning is the act of designing the company’s offer and image so that it occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customer’s minds (Kotler, 2003, Page 308). Beri (2007, p 469) also mentioned that brand positioning is about how the brand perceived by the target consumer in related to other brands. Based on those ideas, we can determine that brand positioning is about how the brand itself received and placed in the mind of our customers.

There are many things that we should do to positioning Asiatravel in the customer’s mind. Here are some things that we should do:

1. Target Market: the first thing we need to focus on is we need to define the target market of Asiatravel. After we define the target market or targeted consumer, we can determine what specific need they have and what kind of services that they want. the example of target market in travel business are people aged 17- 25, that have more free time than adults that have already busied by their job. For this segment, we can create a tour program that more adventurous and challenging like a tour in a tropical island with fishing and diving program that may be unsuitable or unfavorable by elder people that feel they too old or too busy for that kind of activity. By focusing on the target market, we can satisfy our consumer needs and they will able to feel that we can fulfill their demands and need.

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