Taking a Look at Brooklynese

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The United States has always been a unique country in more ways than one, and although immigration is still high, back when Europeans were entering through Ellis Island into New York City, it created a concentrated “melting pot” in New York. This lead to not only a variety of different ethnicities, cultures, and traditions being mixed together, but also created an exclusive American dialect in New York City.
The dialect known as Brooklynese is what New York speakers identify as, even if the individual person is not from Brooklyn specifically. There are three major features to this dialect. The most common characteristic that people think of when they hear a New York accent is the dropped “r” sound at the end of words. For instance, the word “father” would sound like “fatha.” The second is the “aw” sound that does not really fit the American English sound like in the word “coffee” which sounds like “cawfee” when a Brooklynese speaker says it. Finally, one sound that might not stick out as much as the others do, is the raised “a” which changes the word “last” to “leahst.” The Concise Oxford Companion to the English Language says this: New York pronunciation has a long, tense, very round vowel in words like caught and a long, tense, relatively high vowel in words such as cab.” In addition to these, there used to be a more prominent “oi” sound, making the word “girl” change to “goil.” Even though this last characteristic has disappeared lately, the rest of the Brooklynese
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