Taking a Look at Buddhism

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Buddhism Having 350 million followers, Buddhism developed as a Universalist south Asian conversion religion. The word “Budi” to awaken, or in Buddha’s case the awaken one or enlightened one. Its origins go back to 25 centuries years ago in Nepal and northeastern India. It’s a nontheistic religion that covers tradition and many beliefs and practices. Buddhism has grown into a variety of forms .Ranging from having emphasis on religious rituals and praying to deities or not believing in those practices at all. Lot of meditation practices is involved also. Although there are some different types of Buddhism one thing they all share is respect for the teachings of Buddha. Founded by Siddhartha Gautama when at 35 became enlightened the “awaken one”. Being born a prince royal blood, Gautama was born in the Shakaya Republic in the Himalayan foothills. He was part of Sakayas clan who his father Suddhodona was the king of. It was fore told to his father that his son was to be a great ruler or a great holy guy. Knowing this Siddhartha’s father build three palaces and try to shield him from human suffering. But try as he might, his father failed. On a faithful day out in public Siddhartha care takers failed to clear the street all the way of suffering and Siddhartha was interested in what he had seen. He encountered an old man, A man who was dead, a homeless man in pain, and a holy man, Gautama wanted to know the suffering if these people as he asked his handlers and they explained to
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