Taking a Look at Capital Punishment

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That question raises a lot of controversy to the public because of the capital punishment. To prevent criminals from killing they are given a capital punishment who has committed horrendous crimes to satisfy oneself, but many people think that criminals shouldn't be given death penalty because it decreases the value of life. In the article “Death and Justice” Published in New Public in 1985 by Edward I. Koch, who has been a member of congress and later elected as mayor in New York City, he explains how the capital punishment is right and how it can bring justice to the people. He wrote this article to the readers and opposition voters of the new public, who was against capital punishment. He used the opposition argument and convinced his audience by using Ethos, Logos and Pathos to support his argument.
Koch supports his argument by using his experience as credibility, to convey his reader and gaining his readers trust. He stated in his Article Death and Justice “During my twenty two years in public service, I have heard the pros and cons of capital punishment expressed with special intensity… I support the death penalty for heinous crimes of murder….i have sometimes been subject to emotional outrage attacks by the voters …. I still support the death penalty” (P.320). Koch explains that he is someone you can trust and he is…
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