Taking a Look at Castle Clinton

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National Monuments National monuments were originally designed to protect things that were of historic or scientific interest. Although now and days we tend to perceive national monuments as part of our countries heritage; they allow us to display the respect and recognition that we have towards our country and the individuals who sacrificed a great deal in order for us to live comfortably in this wonderful country. The antiquities grant of 1906 gave the president the authority to designate national monuments and since then the president and congress have created more than 100 national monuments. The various agencies that manage national monuments are the National Park Service, Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, or BLM. Castle Clinton formerly known as Castle Garden is a monument that symbolizes America as a country that welcomes people from all over the world to come for better opportunities. Castle Clinton is located at the southern tip of Manhattan Island and represents the growth of the city and also the growth of the country. It was initially built to prevent the British from invading in 1812; Castle Clinton never saw combat but it did provide a way for the military to have a strategic presence at the northern edge of the New York Harbor. In 1824 the Castle was turned over to the city and was completely renovated and changed to Castle Garden. Castle Clinton was one of America’s great entertainment centers for 32 years and hosted many notable events, such as
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