Taking a Look at Celtic Music

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Celtic Music

When Celtic music comes to mind, nowadays, the first thing people think of is something to do with maybe something to do with the group Riverdance, a famous Irish step dancing group, the Irish musician, Enya. Celtic music has almost become more of the New Age music, the relaxing and soothing comfort music that people feel the need to listen to when they relax, or just to escape from reality, but it used to be something else before it has evolved into ‘New Age Music’. It is as almost if people have forgotten what Celtic music really was and changed it from what it originally was.
Celtic music, to most of the musicians of the past consider Celtic music to be classified as traditional music; the traditional musicians and composers are actually offended in modern times because now using the word ‘Celtic’ almost as a marketing technique, if it has a lick of something pertaining to Ireland, throw it in the Celtic music category at the record store, and the traditionalist feel like that the entertainment industry are basically bastardizing what they felt was more important than making a quick buck, thus making people really forget where and how Celtic music got started. It can be easy for people to think that Celtic music is originated in one specific country, but that is not the case. So what exactly IS traditional Celtic music? Not to be confused with the basketball team, the Boston Celtics, which the pronounced with the soft ‘c’ pronunciation, so literally

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