Taking a Look at Chalino Sanchez

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I. Background Chalino Sanchez was born and raised in la Chilla known as “el rancho” the ranch. Chalino had six brothers, and a sister, named Juana. Chalino lost his father at age six, and lived in poverty at a young age with his mother Sannorina Felix. and siblings. It was always a struggle they either had to pick tomatoes or become a drug trafficker in Sinaloa. Chalino would tell his mother “don’t worry, with my body and voice in California you will not be without” page 23 in the book “A Chronicle Play of Fulgor and Death”. In a world so cold that “blood burns like fire” and the only way to get someone back is to revenge. Chalino never thought his arrival to California was going to be in a blink of an eye. Chalino persuaded the American dream he promised his mother that when he moved to California he would make it to the spot light, using his voice and body. Keeping in mind his sister’s rape. He wanted a better life, for his family than living the life in Mexico. Julian Camacho Segura is the author of “A Chronicle Play of Fulgor and death.” Julian Camacho Segura journey began from Mexico, back to the United States. Julian was born in El Centro California in 1969, raised in Inglewood, California in the rancho Del Cantinela. “Julian says” Most of the book is fiction but a lot is not because Chalino did, for example, buy cassettes in Lennox where his grandfather saw him because the ladies would sell in front of the laundrymats where he worked,” recalled Segura. Julian
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