Taking a Look at Chick-Fill-A

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Which came first: the chicken sandwich or the egg sandwich? The world may never know. However, the world does know the chicken sandwich easily trumps an embryonic hoagie. The hard working Samuel Truett Cathy rose from the ashes of the Great Depression and established his own ideas of modern chicken consumption. In 1946, Cathy constructed a small restaurant, the Dwarf Grill, which was named after how miniscule the space was. Four tables and ten stools later, Cathy desired an expansion and to revolutionize the world of accelerated dining. He yearned for a poultry meal that was as elegant as a beef filet (hence the name Chick “Fillet”, however, neither time consuming to craft, nor expensive to purchase (Starrs). The owners of Goode Brothers Poultry, a business in Atlanta, Jim and Hall Goode, were approached by an airline to design a “boneless, skinless chicken breast that would fit in the plastic trays they used to serve meals on planes.” After accomplishing such an innovating tax, the Goode’s had remaining pieces of chicken; that is where Samuel Truett Cathy enters in this poultry fairytale. Cathy’s Dwarf Grill neither excelled nor failed, though, it enabled Cathy to further his ambition, essentially a springboard to success. However, the business itself lacked potential to grow. The Goode’s approached Cathy to develop some sort of innovative method with the left-over chicken. Having previously toyed with idea of chicken already, Cathy undoubtedly took the challenge. The
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