Taking a Look at Childminders

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My first care worker that I've chosen is a childminder. I have chosen this role because childminders have a significant impact on the education of infants and children. Furthermore, they are capable of looking after these young children while their parents at work while also educating them. They have a challenging role with certain activities on a daily basis.

Their days of work can start as early as 7am at their own home. They have an array of toys available for any children who come in early. When each child arrives, the childminder has to talk the the guardian bringing them to the home to discuss about the child's sleep the night before and whether they had breakfast or not. This will be important because it will help them care for the child more effectively throughout the day. A childminder may also keep a daily diary so that the parents can see what their child has been up to while with the child minder. They also have a book so that parents and childminders can communicate. When each child arrives, they make a note of the time of arrival. Once all the children have arrived, the childminder safely takes all of them the local school and pre-school. If they are minding children who go to primary school, those children will go in and begin their school day. On the way to the local school, the childminder may think of games for the children to play on the way, like "I Spy" to keep them entertained.

From the local school, the childminder will take their minded children
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