Taking a Look at Coffee

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Therefore Americans lead in the world in coffee drinking, consuming an average of 3.4 cups per person per day (Pennybacker 18). Today coffee houses are on the rise all over the place. But what is the real story behind this mysterious brown liquid? It is generally a hot beverage that comes from coffee beans which is derived from a coffee plant. When the berries from the coffee plant are ready, they are picked and after they are processed and dried, they are roasted to different degrees depending on the flavor being produced. The final step would be to brew it thus producing a very much addictive dark liquid coffee drink that we have come to be keen on . Coffee came to us in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries however the origins of coffee are still anonymous. While nobody knows the true origin of coffee there are three main stories that are said to explain how this mysterious brown liquid came to be. The three stories of coffee’s inception involved three different areas of the Middle East and Africa. The First was about a goats herder in the horn of Africa in 500 B.C., who noticed his goats eating some barriers and then receiving a burst of energy. The second story is about Omar the Arabian Mystic had been banished to the desert. Due to lack of food and water he would have died. Instead, he made a broth out of the berries which gave him energy to survive. Last but not least, the third…
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