Taking a Look at Computer Hacking

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There are millions of ruthless criminals around the world. They break into homes, shoplift from stores, and rob banks. The most cunning criminals, perhaps, are the one’s that are not easily seen. Computer hacking is a serious crime and criminals with enough experience can hide themselves among cyberspace. ­Crackers, or criminal hackers, convert computers into “zombies” by using programs to exploit the vulnerability of a computer's operating system (Strickland 2). “The user [of a computer] generally remains unaware that his computer has been taken over -- he can still use it, though it might slow down considerably” (Strickland 1). This is true in many cases, and hackers can steal personal information, delete important files, and crash entire computer systems if the hacker is not caught in time. Though computer hacking is illegal, it does have some beneficial effects. One reason hacking is illegal is because it can have disastrous consequences. Viruses can enter a computer system when someone hacks into it. Viruses can be opened by unsuspecting individuals who click on a link sent to them by email (Judson 29). “One out of every 147 blocked spam e-mails contained some kind of malicious code” (Strickland 6). These viruses destroy users’ memory and files, which makes it nearly impossible to recover (Judson 29). Therefore, hackers who are caught face reasonably hefty charges. There are two kinds of computer hackers; those who do it out of curiosity and those who do it
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