Taking a Look at Con Artitst

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A con artist is someone who makes a profit through deceiving others. The word "con" derives from "confident"---meaning the belief in ones abilities. The word "artist" refers to a person who is skilled in an art. When separated, the words "confident" and "artist" are both appealing characteristics. When placed together to form the term "con artist," the characteristics immediately become undesirable. Con artists are manipulative individuals that prey on the weaknesses of others. Similar to a profile of a psychopath, they lack the ability to feel empathy towards their victims, and have no remorse for their crimes. Vulnerability is a trait that con artists consciously search for to ensure their schemes are successful. They seek out the elderly, the ill, the isolated, and the lonely. Con artists are eerily witty and charming, which makes it easy for elderly folk to believe their lies. The elderly grew up during a time when they didn't have to worry about scams, especially via the internet and telephone, therefore making them overly trusting by nature. Someone who is too trusting can be easily taken advantage of by a con artist. A scam most often used to trick the elderly begins with a call or email stating that a grandchild or other relative is traveling abroad and is in grave danger. The victim becomes convinced that the relative needs immediate financial assistance, for reasons such as illness or legal trouble. The victim is then conned into wiring money, being

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