Taking a Look at Conflict

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The word conflict comes from the Latin word configere meaning ‘to hit each other’. Its common usage today is as a social process between two people or more (can also group) where one party trying to get rid of the other party to destroy it or made powerless. Conflict contrary to integration, conflict and integration runs as a cycle in the community. Controlled conflict will result in integration. Otherwise, imperfect integration can create conflict. Meanwhile, social conflict can be interpreted in two ways. First, the perspective that considers the conflict is always there and coloring all aspects of human interaction and social structure. Second, social conflict is an open dispute as war, revolution, strike, and the resistance movement. Soerjono Soekanto (1990) mentions the conflict as a disagreement or dispute, a process of person to person or a group of individuals, who strive to meet the goal by challenging the opposing party, accompanied by threat and or violence. Ethnicity or ethnic identity, according Parsudi Suparlan (1999) is “a primordial phenomenon that often become the main reference for someone to identify themselves in interacting with others”. Ethnicity is also the first person obtained in his/her life through enculturation process and socialization. The attributes included in ethnicity and being used to indicate a person's ethnicity is in interaction symbols expresses or implies, beliefs, tastes, expressions, languages, body characteristics, and expression
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