Taking a Look at Crisis Counseling

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Have you ever caught yourself judging a person because they have to go to a psychologist? It would be completely normal if you did. Moreover, the percentage of individuals that judge based off of what they have heard about the subject is tremendously high. This is because psychology is subclassed with "crazy people," which in fact could not be further from the truth. The following essay will clear up this illustration about psychology by further breaking down one of its fields, Crisis Counseling. Crisis Counseling is exactly as it sounds, it deals with individuals after a traumatic event. Crisis counselors not only conduct interviews with the patient(client), they also: assist clients in following through with treatment plans, collaborate with other counselors, nurses, or physicians in order to coordinate a treatment plan, increase social network knowledge by reviewing current literature, conducting social research, and also attend seminars, training workshops, or classes in order to enhance their knowledge. (Careers) Unlike most physicians a Crisis Counselor follows through with the patient in order to make sure he/she gets better. They do this by not only talking with the patient, but sets up appointments for them. The counselor will even go as far as arranging transportation to the appointment, what physician has ever went that far to support their patient? (Careers) Crisis Counseling seems like it would be one subjective area of study, however this is also wrong.
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