Taking a Look at Customer Satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction.
According to previous studies, it shows that customer satisfaction is important to company because customer satisfaction will lead to customer loyalty which will result to company profitability (Hallowell, 1996). Customers evaluation of the product and service received will depend on the performance of the company. High evaluation will come as a result of high performance and if performance will be equal or above customer expectation, a customer will be satisfied. But“Any discrepancy leads to disconfirmation, i.e. positive disconfirmation increases or maintains satisfaction and negative disconfirmation creates dissatisfaction” (Tor & Bodil, 1998). Satisfaction comes when customer has a belief on the services delivered to they are superior and of higher quality, that they will not be able to get those services from any mobile operators’ services than the same company they are using now.. Because Satisfaction, it will triggers purchase. And repeated purchase and loyal customer will repurchase from the same mobile operators’ services (Gerpott, Rams & Schindler, 2000). The satisfaction will come when perceived value exceeds his expectations. Perceived value is the benefits customers got from the services offered by service provider and is compared with the price a customer paid to get the products or services from the company. If the perceived value is below customers’ expectations, customer is not being satisfied with the service delivery and his
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