Taking a Look at Cyberbullying

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In May 2013, Gabrielle Molina, a 12 year old excellent and outwardly positive student, took her life after being called a “slut” and a “whore” online. Throughout the use of social media, teens are potentially susceptible to become victims of cyber-bullying, and the drama that rises from it could work as a catalyst in the development of psychological traumas. To help the prevention of bullying, parents and schools must work hand in hand in this issue by incorporating anti-bullying education in their curriculums, and establishing a channel of communication and trust between adults and teens. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified cyber-bulling an "emerging public-health problem,” notes Thomas Billitteri from the CQ Researcher. Cyber-bullying is a growing trend that has been blown out of proportion during recent years. Jaana Juyonen, a professor of psychology at UCLA, asserts that “more than 70 percent of heavy Internet users ages 12 through 17 — mostly girls — said they had experienced at least one incident of online intimidation via e-mail, cell phones, chat rooms and other electronic media in the previous years.” This high amount of energy teens spend on social media is making them susceptible to cyber-bullying. Alex Orozco, a 19 year old college student who also went to my same high school, recalled, “Just last week I was going through my Twitter’s news feed and I bumped into this horrible fight between two girls at my school. Worst part of it was,

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