Taking a Look at Cyberdolls

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CyberDolls are the new generation of dolls for young girls and boys (age range: 2-14). Children are more likely to adapt easily to changes in the age of advancing technologies, but we also want our children to understand that dolls are not all robots. CyberDolls combine old-fashioned dolls with emerging technologies. Equipped with the latest microchip, each doll interacts with your child in addition to activities learned at home and school. As parents, each doll is programmable through a USB port and pre-installed software that are customizable for your child. Each doll “grows” with every child’s abilities. CyberDolls are convenient for children on the go or at home.
CyberDolls can be used in various platforms such as schools, homes, child care facilities, hospitals, etc. It can be a helpful aid to child psychologists, pediatricians, rehabilitations centers, and other various outlets that is affiliated with the development of children.
What makes Cyberdolls different from other dolls infused with technology is the CyberDolls ability to actually “grow” with the child. The Cyberdoll provides a technology called “CD Human Technology” that enables the child to learn from the doll and vice versa. The Cyberdoll will pick up on a child’s emotion and act accordingly to the situation. Example, the child may be experiencing a case of bullying at school,…

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