Taking a Look at Cyberstalking

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Stalking is getting more of a concern as internet becomes increasing popular. Cyber stalking is the easy form that takes place on the internet and social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stalking is a criminal offense and is not to be taken lightly. Stalking is a way to harass a person in order to gain control of their lives. Social media like Facebook makes information about the person’s life too easy to get their hands on. Some people post on Facebook their every move and their life story but that information is can be leaked and get into the hands of ordinary people that we don’t even know. Therefore, Stalking is a creepy thought, but it can really affect your life if people try to use your information like the movie Identity Theft. According to research, the internet era has made stalking easier for the stalker (Cyberstalking, personal privacy, and moral responsibility). They can look up people just by sitting at home any day they feel like it. Before all this technology, they couldn’t just find a person randomly on a Facebook page like they can now. I own a Facebook so this privacy concern does worry me. I don’t like to post all my whereabouts because you just can’t trust some people out there. Stalking incidents have risen in the last couple of years. In Maine, “stalking incidents among children rose to 237 percent last year” (Cyber Stalking of Kids Jumps 237% in Maine). I believe the internet also conflicts with the moral aspects of stalking. Stalkers do
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