Taking a Look at Def Leppard

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Have you ever turned on the radio in your vehicle and heard an out rageous rock song? Yeah that’s right it’s Def. Leppard. They have been tour and doing shows for twenty five plus year and still jamming as we speak. This band has been through just about everything you could think of and surprisingly they are still together after drug over dose, care accident, and divorcees. First of all Def. Leppard should get this award because they have very good musical and are a pretty sweet bad. The other reasons I think they should get this award is because they have a lot of achievements. The first achievement that I liked was they were on the “Bill Board 200 with their song “Hysteria”, sold 10,000 in the first week of it being out, and also with the song Hysteria spent six weeks at number one and 133 weeks on the Bill Board 200.”(Caulfield 57) There next achievement was that there was a big accident and there main drummer lost his arm. So he was back to playing the drums. That’s when they made the big hit “Hysteria in 1983 whit there album “Pyromania” after the car accident.” (Tamenbaum 16). There next big achievement was that “Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell had there amazing guitar abilities over looked.” (Hammond 16-20). The next achievement I believe is very good because “Def. Leppard and Kiss are paring up to go on tour to support our troops in the U.S.A.” (Fekadu) The next award that they received was “The 2008 Kerrag award also known as the “Classic Song Writer

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