Taking a Look at Depression

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But when the “down” times are long lasting or interfere with your ability to function, you may be suffering”(NIMH). Its normal for humans to feel sad after a break up, a disappointment or a tragic lost, but when your sadness prolong for a long period of time and the feeling increases and intensifies to the point that a person can’t function properly at their capacity, the sadness can turn to a severe problem. Depression, its considered a serious illness that affects everyone regarding their age, sex, economic status and ethnic/ racial background. Statistics have shown that one in ten adults suffers depression annually and that women are twice likely to be affected by this mental illness (NIHM). Although, the majority of people that suffer depression don’t get treated for this condition, people that get treated improve their condition and feel better about themselves since depression can be curable with proper treatment.

Depression affects the body, mind behavior and mood, many experience depression in different ways, some of the common symptoms that people experience are difficulty in concentrating, remembering or making decisions, persistence of sadness, lost of interest in pleasurable activities, irritability, excessive crying, feelings of guilt, worthless, helplessness, hopefulness, sleeping to much or too little, gaining or loosing weight, fatigue, thoughts or death or suicide and even attempting…
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