Taking a Look at Diabetes Type 2

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Module 6

Homework questions for this week
Your written answers to the questions below are to be available to be sighted by your lecturer (not submitted to the School Office) at the start of the tutorial session. To be recorded as attending the tutorial requires that the lecturer deems that the worksheet has been satisfactorily attempted.

1 A person with type 2 diabetes may be treated with insulin as well as an oral hyperglycaemic drug. Discuss why this combination may be prescribed.
Answer: The combination of Insulin as well as oral hyperglycaemic drugs may be prescribed for Diabetes because they help in lowering the blood glucose levels. However the primary treatment doesn’t consist of these drugs. The primary treatment comprises of Diet control, Physical activity and Weight control. If after following the primary treatment strictly, no improvement in the blood glucose level is achieved then medication is suggested for the same. Insulin helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels. Note that insulin is not to be taken orally because the acids and digestive juices in the stomach destroy it. It has to be injected under the skin only. Taking insulin leads patient to experience Hyperglycaemic condition. The Hyperglycaemic drugs helps our body to react appropriately with the insulin so that the insulin hormone is able to help transfer glucose from blood to the cells successfully.

2 Why are nerves often damaged in patients with diabetes mellitus, and what are some of the
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