Taking a Look at Dictatorships

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There are many forms of governments in the world, which play an important part in people's life. A form of government determines how the country will be run and it makes a good or a bad impact on social, political, and economic matters in a country. Some main forms of governments are democracy, where the power of the government is given by its people, and the leaders are chosen either directly or through elected representatives to govern the people; communism, where everything is owned by the government and shared equally; a monarchy, where there is a king or queen who inherits his or her power and rules the country; a dictatorship, where one person or a small group of people rule a country with absolute power without the consent of those who are being ruled. Among these forms of government dictatorship has the worst reputation than other forms of governments. People do not like a form of government that practices dictatorship because it has awful characteristics and people often have to suffer from social, political, and economic oppressions. In a form of dictatorship, human and civil rights are not usually recognized or protected. Elections may be held, but they will be unfair or abolish the results and citizens cannot choose their own leaders. Citizens cannot influence or comment on the decisions of the leaders. Equality or the importance of the individual citizen is rare and right to private property is often restricted or abolished. Censorship of the media is
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