Taking a Look at Doubt, the Film

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1. I believe that the most important issue raised by the film is how to appropriately deal with the suspected misconduct of the priest. Does the duty to protect Donald and any potential future victims outweigh the rights of the priest to be considered innocent until proven guilty? 2. This is a very difficult question for me to answer because all of the characters in this story face their own moral dilemmas. However, I think that the primary actor in the story is Sister Aloysius because, as head of the school, it is her duty to ensure the children are educated in a safe environment. 3. The five most relevant facts pertaining to this issue are: (in no particular order) • Donald acted strangely when he returned to class after meeting with the priest alone • Both Sister Aloysius and Sister James have observed the priest conduct suspicious behaviors • The priest has reasonable explanations for his and Donald’s behaviors • The groundskeeper can confirm that Donald drank wine, but he doesn’t know the circumstances surrounding the situation • Donald is vulnerable. He has been abused at home and he is a potential target for bullying at the school because he is a minority 4. This dilemma does involve wrongdoing. All of the right versus wrong tests seem to apply here. However, the fact that the priest’s guilt is questionable prevents this dilemma from being easily resolved by these tests. There is no clear indication of which choice would be right and which would be wrong. 5. There are
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