Taking a Look at E-Health

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1. Introduction The term e-health is defined as “the combined use of electronic communication and information technology in the health sector” [1]. Hospital e-health is sometimes confused with telemedicine, which is not the same. In telemedicine, a long distance between health workers and patients is implicit. Where such a circumstance does not apply the generic term of e-health, or other more specific ones [2] should be used. Perhaps the reason why hospital e-health is sometimes referred to as telemedicine is because the later is a wider term and because all communication systems, hardware and other elements used in a hospital e-health deployment are based on previous telemedicine systems. Along this paper, terms and resources of telemedicine are frequently used to justify the possibility of a hospital e-health deployment in medium/short times using telemedicine technology. Examples of full deployment of e-health systems in a hospital environment do not abound. Often the first systems used for applying electronic communications and information technology in a hospital are based on previous telemedicine deployments or their combinations. In recent years, telemedicine has been mainly associated with remote assistance, e.g. patients with chronic diseases who need be tracked at home, and for allowing specialized health (such as dermatology, ophthalmology, etc) in remote centers, e.g. small cities or countries with very low population density such as Pakistan or India [3] [4].
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