Taking a Look at E-Payment Systems

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Based on the finding of this study, all of users believe that there are two main factors adoption which are perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use leading them to use the e-payment. First of all, all of the respondents revealed that the reason of leading them for adoption of e-payment are the system available and beneficial for consumers at unconventional location and anytime. This opinion is in the lines of the research studies by Chinho and Conghoang (2011) on the factor of perceived usefulness. Users feel that the E-payment system can easily access and acceptance in anywhere compares with the traditional commerce by using cash in certain locations. Nowadays, most of the people would access the banking website such as Maybank2u to obtain the information and verify the transaction activity. The E-payment system are acceptable by public make the consumer convenience by surfing the website to purchase the item rather than going out to the shop. Besides that, all of the respondents also mention about that E-payment system are user friendly. Most of the people are preferred for simplicity which are clear and visible step or procedure in order to easily use with the E-payment system. The clear and visible procedure of the interfaces have lead users' intention learn how to use e-payment. These opinions are in the lines of the research conducted by Sanjeev and Krishna (2013) on the factor of perceived ease use. By using e-payment, users can save a lot of time because the
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