Taking a Look at Eating Disorders Essay

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No human is perfect and because of this it is no secret that there are things that humans one way or another want to change or fix about themselves. However, some take this to an extreme. When an obsession over being thin starts to rule your life, eating proportions or habits, and thoughts- you might be in the beginning stages of an eating disorder. Eating Disorders are circumstances where there are strange or peculiar eating routine where there is too much or too little food intake for the lack of benefit to the person’s mental and physical health. Linked from Anorexia are some of the most common types of eating disorders such as Bulimia, anorexia, and binging. All of these eating disorders fall back onto excessive obsessing over weight…show more content…
People would also have an obsession with a restricted diet regardless of how dangerously thin they are. Commonly, people with anorexia are fixated on their body appearance and are in constant denial that they are thing and continue to feel overweight regardless of being underweight. Lastly, anorexia had many risks emotionally, mentally, and physically. Mentally and emotionally one will constantly talk themselves down due to low self as well as have difficulty expressing feelings. Physically, with anorexia, because you restrict your body from its naturally needed things that the different food groups offer, it cannot function correctly. In fact, although people with anorexia have the goal in mind to lose weight, in this circumstance the body naturally goes into a starvation mode where it slows down and stores fat to conserve some type of energy. Over time other medical complications will occur and this allows the body to become vulnerable which when not treated can lead to death. Bulimia is another well-known/heard of eating disorder where there are constant occurrences of binge eating then followed by efforts to avoid weight gain, so usually regurgitating it. With this disorder there is a constant need and eagerness to stay skinny and loose with while the need to binge eat. Although one with this disorder often feels guilt after its occurrence, they constantly give into it and continue to binge. During the event of binge
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