Taking a Look at Ecosystem Services

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These services are critically important in supporting the well-being of many organisms especially humans. The services include regulating services (e.g. climate regulation – carbon sequestration), provisioning services (e.g. food, wood for fuel), cultural services (e.g. ecotourism) and supporting services (e.g. nutrient cycling), however they have been degrading over the years.
The lack of proper governance and management with regard to the ecosystem and its services has become a serious concern as indicated in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment report and the Rio +20 report. Biodiversity is decreasing and resulting in the gradual loss of certain crucial ecosystem services that we will not be able to artificially replace should they be completely lost. By monitoring and measuring the ecosystem services, better management strategies can be developed, critical services can be identified and information can be used to educate people of the value and importance of services.
The University of the Witwatersrand in northern central area of Johannesburg (26˚11’27” S and 28˚1’49” E), has a huge influx of students and visitors yearly. The number of intakes increases each year putting pressure on development to sustain growth which in turn puts pressure on the environment. Thus the aim of this…
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