Taking a Look at Ecotourism

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Ecotourism is the activity of going to natural environments and enjoying what it has to offer such as breath taking scenery and wildlife. Home to approximately four million people (“Costa Rica”), Costa Rica is known for being one of the most bio-diverse areas in the world which leads to the popularity of ecotourism in the country. There is a growing demand of eco-tourists and this country is able to fulfill the market. The developing country has much to offer such as rain forests, natural parks, and wildlife. Tourists are inclined to visit the protected areas and natural parks. As a result, these natural resources bring tourists income into the country. Although the government’s attempts at attracting visitors to the ecotourism industry in Costa Rica seem to be successful, it also has its negative effects on the economy. Ecotourism seems to be a great profit for Costa Rica. The government puts much emphasis on marketing for ecotourism and takes advantage of maximizing profits. By having US tourists come into the country, they have been bringing great amounts of money through their travels. One of the biggest attractions is visiting rain forests. According to Menkhaus and Lober the estimated the consumer surplus is approximately $1,150, which represents the average annual per person valuation of the ecotourism value of protected areas in Costa Rica calculated in a sample of US travelers. They also estimated the annual ecotourism value to Costa Rica's rainforests with the
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